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Accounting & Tax Services Alimos Attikis - Tax Services - Argyropoulou Dimitra

Accounting Services {expo}

The Accounting and Tax Office Argyropoulou Dimitra, with many years of experience in the whole of accounting and tax legislation, offers reliable and reliable accounting solutions and services to its clients. Consistency and Repeat...


Tax Services {expo}

At the Accounting and Tax Office - Argyropoulou Dimitra, guided by our many years of experience, we are always one step ahead of the developments in the tax field. We work closely with individuals and businesses. We provide full and


Payroll Management {expo}

Our company takes on all the work needed to manage your payroll.


Business Management {expo}

The decision to create a new business in Greece is a big step in today's era. A decision is difficult because, apart from the economic costs that will be needed, the office's capacity to support the business

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Accounting Services Office - Argiropoulou Dimitra
Our office has a long experience in keeping accounting books of all categories and is always close to you for all the tax needs of your business.
Our office is distinguished for its confidentiality, professionalism and has clients active in all areas of economic life both inside and outside Greece.
We offer a complete range of accounting, auditing, tax consultancy, financial and technical services, we undertake the complete computerization of your company by providing you with the relevant support.
The extensive experience of the executives of our office with the complete knowledge of the object offers full coverage of the needs of our customers by approaching their needs in a friendly and effective way.